Danny Vera - New Now

Danny Vera

New Now CD | 1 disks Release-datum: 13 november 2020 Label: Excelsior Barcode: 8714374966184 Genre: Americana
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  • 1: Hold on to let go
  • 2: The weight
  • 3: Another goodbye
  • 4: Life between shadows
  • 5: Black eyes
  • 6: Gold rush
  • 7: That midnight thang
  • 8: Red moon
  • 9: Spark a fire
  • 10: The new now
  • 11: Tuesday
  • 12: Outta love
  • 13: Weak & weary

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    Red velvet
    Reve festival final
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    Anderson paak
  • 10.
    Border: day one-photoboo-
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    Godspeed you black empero
    G_d's pee at.. -hq-
  • 12.
    Kick back -photoboo-
  • 13.
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    When we all fall asleep..
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    Love yourself: tear
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    Pink floyd
    Dark side of the moon-hq-
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    R -photoboo-
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    Danny vera
    7-for someone i still don
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    Nct dream
    We boom
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    Mac miller
  • 23.
    Red velvet
    Reve festival final..
  • 24.
    Stray kids
    Cle : levanter
  • 25.
    Don't call me -photoboo-